Landscape Composition 1 & 2

- eBooks on Composition in Landscape Photography

In my 113 pages eBook on composition in landscape photography I cover how I think and approach a scene. I share ten invaluable categories you need to know when you compose your photo. It is designed to be easy to understand and has loads of examples without being too heavy on the text side. In the final chapter, I bring it all together and analyze my own photos.

In this second eBook of mine on composition in landscape photography, I discuss ten highly relevant topics about composition. "Landscape Composition 2" is 149 pages long, and is a continuation of my first eBook on composition, but it can easily stand on its own. It is designed to be easy to read and has many examples of each topic. I finish the eBook with a chapter that brings all the different topics together. Here, I analyze and share my thoughts on the composition of some of my most popular and personal favorite photos.

It comes in a full version and a lite version. The lite version is free and you can get it by signing up for my newsletter in the following link:

As with "Landscape Composition", Landscape Composition 2 comes in a full version and a lite version. The lite version is free and you can get it via the following link:


You can get the full version by following this link:

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You can get the full version by following this link:

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"Just received your e-Book ... it's terrific! E-books from other photographers are way too wordy, mostly about themselves rather than composition; still interesting but harder to find the content about composition. And your images are compelling. I've been following your YouTube channel and all the postings are also 'on topic'. Most helpful to me ... allowing more breathing room. I always seem to find my compositions a bit cramped when I review in Lightroom. Have to work on that!" ~ Bob Stone

"Hey Mads. I just started with photography and bought your book. I haven’t understood composition before, cause there are so many things to consider, but you made it so easy and understandable. Thanks for that and for inspiring the heck out of me 🙂 Keep up the good work!" ~ Franzi

"Great eBook man. I thoroughly enjoyed it. A great refresher and I learned a few things as well. It also provided some extra motivation to get out and shoot. Thank you! 🙏 Cheers, Michael"

"Mads has outdone himself with this new eBook! Great source of inspiration for the landscape photographer". ~ Mikkel Beiter

"Composition is key in landscape photography. And Mads is a master in that. His ebook is great in helping you become a better photographer". ~ Kai Hornung

“Clear, concise,, easy to comprehend and captivating, Mads latest ebook is a must-have for those who wish to strengthen their compositional skills”. ~ Sapna Reddy

"Mads has a deep understanding of how composition in landscape photography works. This ebook goes beyond the basic principles of composition and shows you have to take your images to the next level. Highly recommended!" ~ Hans Gunnar Aslaksen

“Easy to follow, rich in examples and sharp on techniques. Puts your landscape photography on the next level!” ~ Aritz Atela