The best landscape photography vlog on YouTube

A few selected quotes by the audience:

"Hi Mads well youv`e set the bench mark for all vloggers now brilliant series" ~ Peter McArthur

"WOW! WOW! WOW! What an awe inspiring vlog Mads! The images, the music, the cinematography and your dialogue combine to make one of the best vlogs I have watched this year......seriously!" ~ Andy Keeble

"CONGRATULATIONS for this spectacular "Photographing Britain" serie, it's so incredible!!! I don't care about Discovery or Odisseia channels, your channel is much, much better and addictive 😉" ~ Victor Ferreira

"Mads, the quality of your videos keeps getting better and better! I'm amazed your number of subscribers is not in the hundreds of thousands as your channel is fast becoming the best photography series on YouTube. Thank you so much!" ~ Philip Horton

"2nd to none. An adventure narrated, captured and displayed in such a way that had me gripped throughout" ~ James R Burns

"Simply stunning and by far the best quality youtube video series that I have seen and i have seen a lot" ~ Richard Swift

"Yep, Peter Jackson could have used your help making Lord of the Rings. Love the flying machine footage. . ." ~ Sun Gallery Photography

"That's it, I quit! That was unbelievable. You can't just start with a milky way shot setting the bar so high and then manage to keep that bar high throughout. I don't know whether that made me want to quit my job and hike up a mountain or sell my camera and take up bowls of something. Your name will soon rest on the book shelves of many a photographer" ~ John Haswell Photography

"This is, without doubt, the best YouTube video that I have watched this year. Great presentation and it's clear that you genuinely love what you do, and those images are amazing..." ~ RE:Photography

"Wow, what a series this was. I have gotten more and more excitement each episode. You should be incredibly proud of what you have achieved through this production and the exceptional images you've created. This content is so professional. My father of 76 has travelled around in his younger years to many of the locations you've visited, we've been watching this together. He gets so overwhelmed and emotional watching this series. We are both looking forward to the Europe series. Thanks you and utter respect." ~ Mark Wilson

"Hello Mads, your series on GB has been totally fantastic, I have enjoyed them all so much but as a Scot I have to admit that I particularly enjoyed Glencoe & Skye , I actually found myself getting quite emotional and was bursting with pride with your enthusiasm and reactions to our ''Wee bit hill and glen''." ~ septormusic

"This video, as with all I've watched of yours, is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Breath-taking. And I appreciate your attention to details and information when speaking - addressing such issues as clothing, weather, lenses, sunrise/sunset potential, etc, etc. Your drone images are in a class of their own, providing unique views that we might not ever get a chance to view, otherwise. Your post processing skills are also to be commended. While you are photographing world renowned, iconic sites, it is your post processing skills that breathe such incredible life into your images. Thank you for sharing. And again, I want to mention Sophie. As much as I love your photographic skills and images, I think I am most envious of you having Sophie as a travel companion. She is a trooper extraordinaire! And a fantastic inclusion in many of your images, giving them such proportionate scale. Simon Baxter has Meg, but you have Sophie. You are both very fortunate men!" ~ Michael Cothran

When I returned from my landscape photography journey through Britain I returned with 1TB of data. While working out how I would put the videos for my YouTube channel together I knew from what I recorded in the field, I could improve the production quite significantly compared to my former videos on landscape photography. My aim was to create a set of videos, which were both informational, educational, entertaining and inspirational, which I would want to watch myself – basically the best possible landscape photography vlog on YouTube – no small task for sure! Doing all this in each video is actually quite hard, but looking back at my work, I’d say I managed to pull it off!

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So how would I go about this?

Informational: I’ve basically built up my channel around presenting landscape photography locations. It’s the thing I always need from other vloggers. They go to all these magnificent places, but they’re not providing any information on how to go there or what to be prepared for. Why not share that information? It’s not like your livelihood will depend on the secrecy.

Educational: Over the past year, I’ve become more comfortable standing in front of a camera in the field and more thoughtful about how to actually create photos and not just “snap” them. Photographing with a purpose. As an educated schoolteacher with a master degree in educational philosophy, I strongly believe you can’t just start educating people when you don’t understand the subject yourself. Photography is not rocket science… it is even worse – it is an art (sometimes). You might be able to make amazing photos but do you know why they are or are not amazing photos? In this series of videos, I spend quite a good amount of time during the vlogs discussing both composition, settings and adapting to the surroundings. Talking about what a 'good' photo is, is a rather long talk and there're a lot of subjective elements to what a good photo is. There are however also quite a lot of factors, which generally speaking adds to the value of a good photo. Such as a strong composition, lighting and how to express a certain mood - I explore some of these on the journey. I don't imagine you'd want to create photos exactly as me, but I do believe you can take a lot away from this series you can apply to your own work.

Entertaining: What people relate to and what they find funny is very subjective. Entertaining doesn’t equal funny. I’ve grown up with big fantasy and “sword and sandal” blockbuster movies such as Lord of the Rings, Gladiator, Game of Thrones etc. and I love that feeling of an epic adventure, which was the tone I wanted to hit with these vlogs. It’s also very satisfying to display nature from an angle, where we see how small we are as humans. A drone and a slow motions camera help to create both atmosphere and the feeling of “wow”.

Inspirational: Humans react to other humans and the best way to actually telling other people that something is worth pursuing is showing it. I have no problem showing the excitement I have on location. I love being in the field, I love standing next to a huge waterfall, to stand on top of a mountaintop or walking through a forest with trees as tall as skyscrapers. On top of that, I show the potential of a location by showing my own photos and by presenting the location. I also make it easier to go to the location, by preparing people for what they can expect.

I’ve put a huge amount of work into this landscape photography vlog series from Great Britain and I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!