The Best Photography Guide to Iceland

I’ve always enjoyed videos on landscape photography. Especially those with elements of exploration and teaching. With my three visits to Iceland (as of autumn 2016) I’ve recorded more than 300gb of video footage from this beautiful land of ice and fire. I’ve always known that I wanted to make some kind of video from my travels, but first after my 2nd visit did I purposely focus on making some Thomas Heaton – inspired videos.

But alas, when I returned home I realized that I’m too inexperienced to speak in front of a camera on location. The footage simply wasn’t good enough. Inspired by Shawn Talbot and his “1 Stop Closer” series and the Fstoppers behind-the-scenes series from their landscape and cityscape tutorials, which all is of very high quality I decided to go for a voice-over solution instead.

With all this footage I realized I could make a video from each location. To make it relevant I added that extra layer of the photographer who explores, teaches and inspires, which I enjoy myself. The objective of this series of videos is to inform people of some of their options on the different locations, which I would have loved to watch myself before I left for Iceland. This should be seen as an "inspiration guide", which covers the different locations. From there I've hopefully inspired you enough to go and explore even more yourself.

I don’t want to tell people “what to do”, but I’ve added my EXIF data so they can see “how to do”. I hope you'll all follow me on this journey. With 21 episodes produced and released during the past half year, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. So without further ado, here's the first episode.