Lower Antelope Canyon Photography

Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon is located a 10minute drive east of Page. We did go to Lower Antelope Canyon, but since it’s become very commercialized I focused all my energy on taking pictures instead of video.

We went on a special photography tour, where we had two hours with a guide. And you can’t enter the canyon unless it’s with a guide. It was only Sophie and I who went on the tour, so luckily we weren’t pushed around by other tourists. The guide was very eager to show us all the good places to photograph, which kinda removed some of the magic of being at this place. I have to admit I’m torn between two sets of mind from my visit to Antelope Canyon. On one hand, the fact you have to have a guide disturbs the experience and takes away that feeling of exploration. But the guide also coordinates with the other guides, so that all the tourists don't disturb each other too much. We even went way out of season and didn’t even have to stand in line to enter the canyon, but the amount of tourists were still annoying since the space in the canyon is very narrow.

Overall it’s a highly commercialized experience with way too many costumers. On the other hand, there’s a reason why this place is famous. The Antelope Canyons are very special and they’re very beautiful, which adds up to it being a big experience. If you’re in the area and don’t plan to come by anytime in the future it’s definitely worth a visit, but take into account it’s commercialized and extremely touristy. Photography wise bring a tripod which is easy to work with and if you have a camera with an articulating screen you’ll save yourself from a lot of stress.