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Landscape Photography in Bryce Canyon

After having explored California and Oregon we’ve now reached Utah and Bryce Canyon National Park, which is such an amazing and fascinating location. Bryce Canyon is located a four-hour drive from Las Vegas and is known for hoodoos which is fascinating odd-shaped pillars left standing from forces of erosion. You can find these rocks all over the world, but Bryce Canyon has the largest collection of them.Bryce Canyon was also the coldest location we visited during our entire trip to the US. We arrived during

Bryce Canyon was also the coldest location we visited during our entire trip to the US. We arrived during the night because I wanted to do some star photography above the canyon. While the camera exposed we had to go back to the car to not losing the feeling in our hands. I’ve never experienced anything that cold it literally felt as if someone was smashing my fingers with a hammer, so don’t get fooled by the fact you’re in a dessert. It can be deadly cold.

From my research, I found three locations of interest for photography and they’re rightfully called Inspiration point, sunrise point, and sunset point. From different pictures, I decided to go for Inspiration point since it had the overview of the biggest concentration or collection if you will of hoodoos. I also knew I’d get the hoodoos lit up by the orange light from the sunrise. And what a show. It really was a spectacular view! The already orange colored pillars started almost glowing in the sunrise and the bonus of the white snow just added a special depth to the pictures.

We also visited Sunrise point when we were done at Inspiration point to squeeze the last colors out of the morning light, but it was too late. My experiences from Bryce is to focus on one location at a time. I will highly recommend going for a walk within the canyon when you’re done photographing. We went down a path at sunrise point and came back up at sunset point. That walk was an insanely fascinating and awe-inspiring walk. You feel small and special to experience this forest of orange rock pillars towering above your head.