Landscape Photography at Thor's Well in Oregon

Thor’s well is a small location located along the Oregon coastline and is fairly easy to find using google. When you arrive, you can park on the pacific side of highway 101. It’s fairly easy to see the well from the road. There is a trail leading down to the coast, which is made up of sharp and pointy lava rocks.

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The location is most attractive photography-wise at high tide during weather with waves. When the waves comes crashing in they follow paths under the rocks, that leads to the well which sprays out huge amounts of water, which then flows back into the well and leaves beautiful streaks of water and foam. The lava rocks in combination with sneaker waves are also the biggest danger at this location. If a sneaker wave hits most of its energy is taken by the rocks, but if it’s tall enough it can flush over the rocks and pull you around. You’ll probably not be pulled out into the sea, but getting pulled over razor-sharp lava rocks isn’t particularly healthy either. In my experience with both the pacific and Atlantic ocean waves come in waves. By that I mean a collection of 3-6 big waves hits every 5-10 minutes. Factors like weather tide and location of cause influences how big the waves are. If there is a risk of waves hitting the spot you’ve scouted for photography my suggestion is to stand and watch how the ocean behaves from a safe location for at least 15 minutes before getting close to the ocean.

Even though it’s interesting to see how the water sprays out of Thor’s well it’s on its return down the hole you can catch those special streaks. You’ll have to walk a bit around to find your composition but there’s plenty to choose from.

I came to get those special streaks streaming into the well and tried to mix it a bit up with a whirlpool effect, where the water kinda went around the hole before falling down to it.

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In general, take care of your gear and bring some cloths to wipe off water from your lens and camera – it’s almost impossible not to get wet here. For yourself bring from waders or tall-shafted wellington boots. The location is especially beautiful during sunset and during the night you can capture the milky way above the well too. When we were there a storm came in, which gave these texture-rich clouds and made for a nice moody seascape.There’s a couple of other spots here worth checking out too, which is a spouting hole, that spouts seawater vapor from time to time and a

There’s a couple of other spots here worth checking out too, which is a spouting hole, that spouts seawater vapor from time to time and a cliffside, where the waves leave a lot of water streaks along the rock wall.

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