Horseshoe Bend Landscape Photography

In this episode, we’re going to the famous landscape photography location Horseshoe Bend near Page. It’s very easy to find and there’s a fairly big parking lot for parking. There’s also a fine path towards the bend.

The main vantage point is easy to find and you only have to decide if you want something in the foreground or not. A lot of photographers go here to catch the sun and a sun star just at the moment when the sun hits the horizon. In my experience, you actually get the best light after sunset, since the sun probably will make an afterburn on the clouds above the Horseshoe Bend. The afterburn is when the sun lights up the clouds from beneath in those deep red colors after it has set. On top of that, you don’t need to fight with highlights on the cliffs where the sun hits, while it’s still visible.

The Horseshoe bend is very, very big! I only just got the entire bend within one frame at 16mm, but I can highly recommend going for a 14mm, to get a bit more of the sky. You can of cause also zoom into the details and isolate parts of this spectacular scene.

Untitled photo

Along the rim of the bend there're several vantage points. Walking north the perspective changes rather dramatically. Try it out and get a photograph which most people skip!

Untitled photo