Part 3 - Dettifoss and Selfoss

The road to my next destination was a bumpy ride. On purpose I chose the long road since I wanted to approach the waterfalls from the eastern side. The main annoyance with Dettifoss and Selfoss is that their “optimal” shooting position is located on each side of the river, a river you can’t pass, so you have to make some preparation from home and choose what waterfall you want to focus on. In my case Selfoss was the obvious choice.

The view over "Jökulsá á Fjöllum" the 2nd longest river in Iceland from the path that leads down to Dettifoss:

After a small hike, I first got down to Dettifoss. Dettifoss is the most powerfull waterfall in Europe and very beautifull. An all-in artistic interpretation of Dettifoss with it's stormy waters:

Dettifoss was used in the introduction scene for the Ridley Scott movie Prometheus. Underneath here there's an outtake from the movie "Prometheus".

The time was ticking and the sun was setting. I headed on to Selfoss, which is located another little hike away. It’s not the easiest waterfall to access, but that just makes the experience even more fun!

While going there the colors in the clouds changed from grey to pink, red, orange and yellow giving me more than what I could have hoped for! It sounds like a cliché, but everything really just came together in one jaw-dropping experience of awe and wonder.

Taking pictures close to waterfalls can be challenging, since the wind can blow all the water vapor directly into the lens. Luckily my gear is weather sealed but I still had to continuously wipe the water off the lens with a napkin and coordinate the shooting with shielding the lens with my hand.

I had to work fast to both get as many of the planned shots as possible, and also have time to try out all the ideas which occurs on the location. One of those ideas required me to lean the camera out over the edge to capture a beautiful composition I found. I did have some thoughts about putting my equipment in that situation, but I trusted my tripod and got this beautiful epic shot.

Another composition I found required me to get very close to the edge. The following picture is actually quite distorted, since the bottom of the picture shows an 11-meter straight drop and I still manage to get a lot of the sky in the picture. I actually had to edit out one of the legs of my tripod. The result is just amazing!

Pulling a bit back I managed to get this golden wonder of a shot.

After shooting these two spectacular waterfalls, where I got some of my favorite pictures I have ever made, it was time to wrap it up and head to the Guesthouse of Stöng. With a very satisfied thought in my mind I thought shooting was over for the first day, but oh boy how wrong I was…