Project Ollerup - MadsPeterIversenPhotography

Projekt Ollerup

The Gymnastic Folkhighschool in Ollerup wanted an update of the presentationvideoes from the different lines you as a student can choose at the school. The videoes are the biggest project I've had so far, and it was an absolutely delightful experience since I was almost creatively free to do what I wanted.

Udtryk & Bevægelse

Moderne Gymnastik

Rytmisk Gymnastik

Parkour & Freerunning

This video is ment as a presentation and summery of the danceshow POKS OROH, which was put together by all the involved people at the danceline. I made another dancevideo from an earlier semester which can be seen here: "Sirens"

POKS OROH - en danseforestilling

Ollerup also needed a video where they present the opportunity for gymnasiumclasses to come and visit the school. During this visit the classes are presented the benefits of attending a folkhighschool and what Ollerup can offer.

Gymnasiestudier på Ollerup