Iceland, autumn 2016 - MadsPeterIversenPhotography

Iceland, autumn 2016

Along with two friends (Jonas Beyer Pedersen and Mikkel Beiter) I'm going to Iceland in the end of september 2016 - and you can be part of the trip! We're going to visit some of the most iconic locations on the southern coast of Iceland!

Get an experience of a lifetime and learn something along the way, when I and my two colleagues will show you unique scenery and how we will approach the different locations. We'll talk both techniques, composition and what makes a good picture in general. It's important to us that it'll be a cozy and non-formal trip, where everybody is there to learn and have a great time.

Along the way we'll edit the pictures and teach tips and tricks in the different editing softwares. You'll receive constructive feedback and suggestions to improvement in an ongoing dialogue with the three instructors.

We'll be working mainly during the golden hour and in the dark hours and move between locations during day, where the light is strong and the shadows are hard. As landscapephotographers we depend on the weather and can't promise northern lights, but if the skies are clear, we'll probably see the aurora borealis! Prepare also to get wet! We'll see and get close to alot of waterfalls and roaring beaches - bring the right gear (see below).


- A basic understanding of your camera.

- A basic understanding of your pictureediting software.

- Physical condition to attend small hikes.


- Camera, tripod, computer, editing software.

- Practical cloths - it's Iceland and will get cold at night, even in september.

- Waterproof footwear.

- Headlamp!

The practical

- We'll leave from Copenhagen Airport on sunday the 25th of september and return on sunday the 2nd of october (contact us for discounts if you travel to Iceland by yourself).

- No more than 12 spots! When they're gone, they're gone.

- Price: 15900dkk (2137euro)

- Everything beside food is included in the price - we'll make sure we can buy supplies along the road.

- A payment of 3000dkk (400euro) at first registration. 2nd payment (5000dkk) on 1st of July and last payment a month before leaving.

- For registration to this amazing event, send an e-mail with contactinformation. Press CONTACT in the menu above or contact through the event on FaceBook.