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About me

Mads Peter Iversen, fotograf bosiddende i Aarhus. Uddannet lærer med en kandidatgrad i pædagogisk filosofi. Jeg specialiserer mig i fine art landskabsbilleder, reklamevideo og headshots / portrætter. Jeg startede med at fotografere og filme selv i sommeren 2011 og min erfaring med videoredigering strækker sig tilbage til 2002.


Mads Peter Iversen, a photographer living in Aarhus. An educated schoolteacher with a master degree in educational philosophy. I'm specializing in fine art landscape pictures, commercial videography and headshot photography. I started out as a photographer in 2011 and my experience with video editing goes back to 2002.

I find my inspiration all over the world but I'm especially drawn to the nordic, cold and harsh yet stunningly beautiful nature.

I'm a child of the postmodern era and has grown up with action movies such as Armageddon, The Rock and Batman, fantasy movies such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Avatar and Game of Thrones and computer games such as Warcraft and Diablo. All of these influence my photography heavily. And then... in the back of my head roams the Scandinavian minimalism, which pops up on different occasions.

I often think of my art as expressions of feelings. That's also the reason why my pictures are not just black and white or just colorful and shiny. It's the full spectrum all the way from the relaxing and peaceful over the epic awe and wonder to the dramatic and depressive. It can be a mix of feelings, it can be confusing, it can be simple and it can be fresh. I shoot to edit. Half the work is done in the editing phase, where the pictures come to life and where the mood I'm in influence the final product.

In 2016 I've started up "Wild Nature Phototours" along with Jonas Beyer Pedersen and Mikkel Beiter. Join our passion for taking the best pictures all over the globe and learn from this skilled group of photographers.


E-mail:   Mads@Iversen.com

Phone: +45 23614818

Youtube 1: Gymnastics and other stuff

Youtube 2: Fanmade movie stuff

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My "Háifoss sunrise" photo went viral on Instagram and was featured in the following accounts:

awesome.earth, 3.4m followers, 60000+ likes

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Featured in a post about the northern lights at tourradar.com with a quote and picture.

Finalist in the "Monthly Pro Vol 24 Photo Contest" hosted by ViewBug.

Finalist (among top 59) in the "The Magic Of Moving Water Photo Contest" hosted by ViewBug.

Finalist (among top 57) in the "Life and Freedom Photo Contest" hosted by ViewBug.

Featured at DIY Photography and PetaPixels

With my blog post on thievery from cars and insurance.

Runner Up (winner along with 9 others among 18936 submissions) in the "I Love The World Photo Contest" featured by ViewBug.

Finalist in the "Clever Angles Photo Contest" featured by ViewBug.

Finalist (among top 81) in the "A World of Blue Photo Contest" featured by ViewBug.

Finalist (among top 69) in the "Disrupting Depth Photo Contest" featured by ViewBug.

Finalist (among top 51) in the "Faith Photo Contest" featured by ViewBug.

Finalist in the "Bright and Colorful Photo Contest" featured by ViewBug.

Finalist (among the top 66) in the "Rule of Thirds in Nature Photo Contest" featured by ViewBug.

Featured at lonelyplanet.com

Featured in an article from Lonely planet. One of my pictures of the library Dokk1 in the city of Aarhus was used to present Aarhus as the 2nd best place to visit in Europe.

Grand Jury Winner in "Long Exposure Views Photo Contest" featured by ViewBug!

This image caught my eye and spoke to me in so many dimensions. I enjoy that the photographer has done a wonderful job of taking the viewers eye and masterfully leads it around and through this image. The black sand in the foreground does not allow the viewers eye to leave the composition. At the same time the photographer uses a shutter speed that is not too long nor too short creating just the right amount of motion in the water. The composition allows for the viewer to remain in the image by not cutting any of the rocks that our eyes enjoy as we drift around from foreground to background. The detail in the cool tonality of the highlights and shadows led me to select this images as the Grand prize winner!” – Ken Sklute

Finalist (among the top 56) in the "Clouds in Movement Photo Contest" featured by ViewBug.

Finalist (among the top 73) in the "Monthly Pro Vol 21 Photo Contest" featured by ViewBug.

Featured in the following Instagram channels

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Finalist (among the top 39) in the "Mountain Silhouettes Photo Contest" featured by ViewBug.

Finalist (among the top 38) in the "Ocean And The Clouds Photo Contest" featured by ViewBug.

Finalist (among the top 35) in the "The Four Elements Photo Contest" featured by ViewBug.


Interviewed and published by JL Interviews in Rome. Read the interview here.

Winner in the Peter Hurley Headshot competition hosted by KelbyOne with this shot of Jesper:

I won this bad boy written by Mr. Hurley himself!

Featured in the following Instagram channels:

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Featured on the viewbugblog with an article "Shooting on remote locations"

Finalist (among the top 29) in the "resource-travel-inspiration-photo-contest-vol2" featured by ViewBug. The competition had more than 12000 entries.

Finalist (among the top 46) in the "alluring-landscapes-photo-contest" featured by ViewBug in coorporation with fstoppers and Elia Locardi. The competition had 16755 entries.

Runner up (among top 6) in the Viewbug competition "TamronPrimePrize". The competition had more than 1000 entries.

200000+ views on facebook for my “Overcoming” video

More than 15mio views on my youtube channel “daneimp

Fstoppers "Photo of the Day"

Cover picture of the danish gymnastic magazine “Gymnasten”

Winner in ”Phlearn Nightphotography contest”