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"Ooooh this guy is good... ok... so what we'd like to say to you is congratulations", "yeap, great job!"

- Scott Kelby of KelbyOne (world famous photographer and educator) and Rafael Concepcion

"Great lighting balance and expressions man, well done!"

- Dylan Patrick

"You have your lighting really dialed in, now just keep those killer expressions."

- Lee Morris of

"Thank you so much @madspeteriversen_photography - your work is stunning! - seriously 🙏"

- Jason Lavengood

"Minimalistic & Dramatic. Nailed it ;)"

- Alessandro Carpentiero

"I feel like I would have to really reach to give you any constructive feedback. Simply put, this work is quite stunning. I bet these would look great in large format prints."

- Bob Best

"Your pictures are epic!"

- gwenspinksart

"Barely remember ever seeing a better aurora shot, good job!"

- whereivibe

"Your work represents the mark of a true Artist. Inspiring Images. Extraordinary work."

- AJ Riley

"Wooowwww you won my heart with this comment ;-) I am begining again but knowing that I love photographing people and I really enjoy your work you make me dream and travel with your photos"

- bynoelitaphotografy